This is latest article about 5 Best Health Insurance Companies In Tanzania

When it comes to purchasing a health insurance coverage for yourself, you have a multitude of choices. Not only that, but many insurance companies in Tanzania give the best price on health insurance to their consumers.


However, determining which insurer can meet all of your demands and criteria while choosing on a suitable health plan for you is impossible.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the best health insurance companies in Tanzania.

When choosing a top health insurance company, you should consider their incurred claim ratio, the number of network hospitals, and other characteristics.

As an example, Mr. X believes that a health insurance business should have a strong hospital network. And Mr. Y believes that while choosing a health insurance provider, the diversity of health insurance plans should be prioritized.

Examine the following factors to determine which health insurance provider is best for you:

Types of Health Insurance Plans: One of the main criteria of comparison is the availability of various health plans by various health insurance firms.

While some health insurers only provide basic health insurance plans such as individual health insurance, family floater health insurance, and specific health plans for children, women, senior citizens, and so on. Choose an insurance provider that provides a coverage that meets your needs.

Top 5 Best Health Insurance Companies in Tanzania

The following is a list of the top health insurance companies in Tanzania. You may compare them based on their coverage benefits and features before making a decision.

1. National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF)

National Health Insurance Fund is a fully government owned entity that has been providing health insurance coverage to its clients for over a 40 years.

National Health Insurance Fund operates with technological standards in check due to its goal to achieve high operational excellence, contribute to quick responses, and rid you of the challenges the Tanzanian health insurance industry faces.

Today, the National Health Insurance Fund provides one of the best and effective health risk management solutions to individuals, families, and corporate bodies. Connect with National Health Insurance Fund with the following details.

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Their customer service lines are available 24/7 and you can make enquiries whenever you need to. Also, all Multishield plans incorporate health promotion and preventive healthcare services in to their core service.

2. Jubilee Life Insurance

Jubilee Life Insurance is one of the best companies providing different types of health insurance in Tanzania. They have broad access to close to 200 health providers across Tanzania.

They consist of hospitals, dentists, and eye clinics. Besides, they also provide HMO plans and individual plans for families.

They offer healthcare plans to satisfy the needs of individuals, groups, companies, and the public sector in Tanzania.

The company offers different types of health insurance in Tanzania. They include:

Corporate Health Plan: This medical insurance covers typical ailments and medical procedures for corporate employees.

Family Health Plan: Beneficiaries of this plan can access healthcare at any of their chosen providers in Tanzania.

Individual Health Plan: This covers individuals with no pre-existing medical conditions.

3. Sanlam Life Insurance (T) Limited

Since its founding, the Sanlam Life Insurance has continuously provided high-quality health-care services, and it now boasts a network of more than 180 partner institutions.

Their healthcare programs are customized to suit the specific needs of their customers, who include individuals, families, organizations, businesses, and the government.

Their strategy is customer-oriented, and their organizational customers are typically assigned a medical case officer and a client service officer to handle any healthcare-related issues.

Their most popular products are the corporate health insurance scheme, the tertiary health insurance scheme, and the family and individual policies.

4. Alliance Life Assurance Limited.

This insurance company offers a comprehensive range of healthcare products that allows the customers to choose the best one as per their needs.

It has several branches across the country and has employed an army of agents to serve its customers.

Alliance Insurance Corporation Limited offers a diversity of insurance services including but not limited to Fire, Marine, Motor, and Engineering. They provide an all-inclusive policy covering many of area of concern making choices easier for business entities.

5. Milembe Insurance

Milembe Insurance offers a number of general insurance products like health, motor, and commercial insurance. It is a renowned name in the general insurance industry.

Milembe avails consumers with individualized insurance packets to handle various extensive risks and opportunities.

Milembe Insurance aims to provide a safe haven for Tanzanians of all backgrounds to obtain effective and high-quality health care services. Furthermore, it seeks to make this accessible at a low financial cost so that ordinary income workers may participate in the same way that the wealthy do

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