10 Best Online Degrees to Pursue 2023

When deciding what to study, you have seemingly countless options. And, if you’re looking to pursue your degree online, you could expand your opportunities beyond geographic borders, too. We’ve pulled together a list of the best degrees online to help you along your decision journey.

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​​Why Earn a Degree Online?

Before we dive into some of the best degrees you can get online, let’s take a moment to consider why earning a degree online is beneficial in the first place.

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As an online degree seeker, you’ll get to experience the advantage of:

Flexibility: Without having to be in a designated lecture hall or classroom at a certain time, you have schedule freedom to learn from where and when you want.

Affordability: Online learning tends to be more affordable because you are not paying for campus expenses or commuting costs.

Global Student Body: You still afford the opportunity of networking with a global student body that can share unique life experiences and varied cultural backgrounds.

Lower Barriers to Entry: Most online institutions are less strict with their enrollment requirements than in-person institutions, making education more accessible for all.

Best Online College Degrees

Now, it’s time to take a look at degrees to earn online.

We’ve compiled our top ten options for best online college degrees with reasons why they made the list.

1. Computer Science

Virtually every industry relies on computer scientists in some form or another. To remain competitive in their industry, businesses need the most modern technology and internet options. Computer scientists are responsible for ensuring that the company is using the best hardware, software, and programming languages to achieve its goals. The compensation is generous for both entry-level and management positions. In a computer science degree program, students can expect to learn skills in coding, programming languages, and software development. Popular computer science specializations include Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Game Design, and Blockchain Development.

2. Business Administration

Business administration is a broad field that enables students to work in a variety of roles. Top careers you can fulfill with this degree span: chief executive officer, compensation and benefits manager, training and development manager, and administrative services manager. Business administration is ranked as one of the best degrees to get online because of the many specialization options and the high salary potential.

3. Nursing

Have the desire to care for others in a professional setting? Skilled and compassionate nurses are valued because they help patients through some of the most vulnerable moments in life. They assess and treat people and teach patients about preventive care and management. The level of training and education required varies, depending on your professional goals. The more advanced the nursing career, the higher the nursing degree and the higher the salary.

4. Marketing

Another one of the best online college degrees is marketing. The degree prepares students for a variety of rewarding marketing careers. Businesses in every industry need skilled marketing professionals to increase brand awareness and develop campaigns. Effective marketers know how to leverage technology to motivate and engage consumers, and the best part about the job is that every day tends to be different! Plus, you get to express your creativity in marketing roles.

5. Finance

The field of finance is broad and offers lucrative prospects. For example, some careers you can obtain are becoming a financial manager, financial analyst, personal financial advisor, and financial examiner. Finance is one of the more stable job fields in today’s market. Finance duties could include budgeting, managing investments, providing annual forecasts, or supervising a team. An online degree in Finance teaches students the fundamentals and the different practices of finance. The growth rates and incomes of careers available with a bachelor’s in Finance makes this one of the best degrees to earn online. For example, in America, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the role of financial managers is expected to increase much faster than average at 17% between 2020 and 2030.

6. Engineering

Engineering courses help inventive people learn how to create practical solutions to common problems and give creative thinkers the opportunity to apply math and science. You have the option to become either a fully-fledged professional engineer or an assisting engineering technician. Electrical and Electronics Engineering focuses on the design, development, and testing of electronic devices and systems. Mechanical Engineering, the largest branch of the profession, emphasizes applying the principles of thermal energy, as well as structural and motion mechanics. Civil Engineers handle large building and infrastructure projects like roads and bridges. Chemical engineers design and produce solutions by applying the principles of physics, biology, and chemistry to problems that can be solved through the creation of new substances and systems. As you can tell, if you’re into math and science, then you can pursue a wide range of interests by choosing an engineering specialty.

7. Human Resources

Finding, keeping, and managing good employees is crucial for any organization’s success. HR managers help employers identify staffing needs, direct employee recruitment efforts, conduct interviews and call references, order background checks, coordinate new employee orientation, explain benefits, maintain employee records, consult with upper management about workplace policies and fair hiring practices, mediate workplace conflicts, coordinate employee compensation, and benefits plans, and make sure employers comply with employment laws and regulations.

8. Education

Are you interested in working in the wonderful world of education? Many programs offer online classes in instructional techniques, classroom management, and subject-specific courses such as science or math. Before you can be licensed as a teacher, a student teaching practicum with a school in your community must be completed. For career-focused instruction, early childhood education might be the answer. You could pursue entry-level positions as a teacher’s aide or early childhood educator in schools, daycares, or other educational facilities. Education drives society’s progress. Additionally, by earning a degree in education, especially a Master’s in Education, you’ll open the door to the possibilities to work in education policy and/or administration.

9. Environmental Science

Environmental science career fields with high salaries include natural science managers, geoscientists, environmental engineers, and environmental scientists and specialists. Environmental scientists work with government agencies and businesses to reduce waste, clean polluted areas, and advise policymakers.

10. Communication

A Communication degree prepares students for a variety of career options including public relations and fundraising managers, communications managers, broadcast journalists, and writers. Public relations managers write press releases, make and maintain relationships with donors and philanthropists, and raise awareness. Communication managers control the messaging of a company. The communication courses you can expect to take in an online degree consist of classes like mass media, broadcast journalism, organizational communication, and interpersonal and group communication.

Pursuing Your Degree Online

With all this knowledge of the best degrees to get online, which one is for you? If you want to move forward and earn your degree online, consider studying at the University of the People. Our institution is tuition-free, accredited, and offers degree-granting programs and non-degree certificate programs in a variety of fields, including Health Science, Education, Business Administration, and Computer Science.

You’ll get to earn an affordable degree at your own pace and from anywhere in the world, as long as you have an internet connection!

Closing Thoughts

The above best degrees to get online offer an abundance of career choices that all can provide a stable income. Wherever you choose to earn your degree, try to remain focused on your career goals and dedicated to learning as much as you can. So, when you graduate, you can apply for jobs in the field and be as prepared as possible to succeed!

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